Client Conflict On The Court

The sellout crowd at the United Center cheered last week when reserve center Bill Wennington hit a shot that gave the Chicago Bulls 110 points in a victory over the Denver Nuggets.
When the team hits that mark, ticket holders get a free taco from Bulls sponsor Taco Bell.
What was a clutch shot for the fans proved a bit embarrassing for Wennington, who’s featured locally in TV spots touting a new McDonald’s sandwich he’s credited with inventing: the Beef Wennington.
Leo Burnett, which handles the local McDonald’s operators co-op, has also created a new set of national spots targeting the “tween” market (too old to be charmed by Ronald McDonald, too young to laugh at the “Beef Wennington” joke).
Instead of “Did somebody say McDonald’s?” DDB Needham Chicago’s mainstream tagline, Burnett’s spots are tagged “Hey, it could happen.” They present such unlikely scenarios as a classroom burger-eating exam.
–Scott Hume