A Clean start

Boutique agency Creative Dynamics Inc. has put a fresh spin on self-promotion.
Creatives at the five-person Las Vegas shop have designed spoof detergent boxes–ˆ la Tide–and are mailing them, filled with agency goodies, to prospective and existing clients.
A snazzy blue and white logo sweeps across the bright orange box (shown here), which is peppered with phrases such as “with Fresh Ideas” and “Creativity 24-7.”
The back of the box has step-by-step instructions on how to get results with CD Inc.
Inside the boxes, which cost about $8 each to produce, are CD-ROMs containing CD Inc.’s curriculum vitae, business and Rolodex cards, T-shirts and portfolios made to look like coupon books.
“We only printed 1,000, and we’re sending them out 50 to 100 at a time,” said Eddie Roberts, owner, president and chief executive of the agency. “We’ve been getting an excellent response.”
Roberts and art directors Casey Corcoran and Dawn Teagarden hatched the idea as an offshoot of the agency’s Web site, and researched detergent boxes in supermarkets.
–James Zoltak