Cincinnati’s Westerkamp Giles, Imagematrix Set To Join Forces

Advertisers’ desire for multidiscipline marketing solutions from a single source has brought together two Cincinnati agencies with differing but complementary capabilities.
Westerkamp Giles + Partners, a traditional advertising agency, and ImageMatrix, which specializes in new media and sales development and training, will merge to form a new, as-yet-unnamed agency.
“The two agencies have known each other for a long time, and we’ve worked together for clients on occasion,” said Jay Giles, vice president and chief operating officer of Westerkamp Giles.
“We haven’t moved into new media, unsure if we wanted to make that investment and wanting to be more of a true ad agency,” he said. “But clients keep pushing. At the same time, ImageMatrix has clients who were saying they wished [that agency] also offered traditional ad services. By merging, we offer the integrated marketing, covering both sales and marketing, that everyone talks about.”
Peter Schwartz, president and chief executive officer of ImageMatrix, said the merged company will be “the first organization in our region to approach knowledge dissemination in a way that creates brand and sales synergy.”
ImageMatrix, which provides Internet site hosting services to Procter & Gamble and others, is the larger of the two companies, with revenues last year of $6.5 million. Westerkamp Giles had revenues of $3.5 million, Giles said.