Ciao, Boston

Was it the lure of plentiful pasta, crisp chianti and breathtaking scenery–or simply a business opportunity?
Citing all of the above, freelance copywriter John Sturtevant in June will leave Wayland, Mass., to open an office for Z Design Group in Rome.
Sturtevant, who has worked for the Boston-based agency for the past several years, said he plans to live in Rome for about a year but is prepared to extend his visit indefinitely.
During his stay, he’ll work on a book with his wife, Michele, about touring Italy. He’s not abandoning his roster of high-tech clients such as EMC Corp., however; the Internet, fax machine and Federal Express will be busy shuttling work across the Atlantic.
The move isn’t as sudden as it may seem: Sturtevant’s wife was raised in Italy, and the couple has visited the country every year. “We’ve been married for 13 years and talked about moving to Italy for 13,” he confessed. “We’ve always talked ourselves out of it. Finally, we said we’re going to do it.” — Sarah Jone