Chronicle Celebrates Its Voices

Grant, Scott & Hurley Spotlights San Francisco Paper’s Writers
SAN FRANCISCO–Grant, Scott & Hurley launched a new campaign for the San Francisco Chronicle last week with three 30-second TV spots airing during Bay Area programming. The work also marks the 8-month-old shop’s first TV efforts.
The spots highlight four of the newspaper’s high-profile writers: feature columnist Adair Lara; investigative reporters Phil Matier and Andy Ross; and TV critic John Carman.
In the spot that features Carman, the critic is shown blasting a TV set with a shotgun after the appliance is launched into the sky like a skeet.
The campaign features a new tagline, “One paper. Many voices.” It replaces “The Bay Area’s newspaper,” which was developed by the Chronicle’s previous agency, Wolfe/Doyle, San Francisco.
Sources said the Chronicle is supporting its 1998 branding efforts with nearly $2 million.
“What this campaign is all about is rebuilding the image and strengthening the presence of the Chronicle,” said Brian Hurley, account director at San Francisco-based Grant, Scott & Hurley. “The paper’s writers have a local reputation, and they make the publication come to life.”
Hurley added that the 153-year-old newspaper has “struggled” lately with its identity.
“They weren’t sure who they were supposed to reach,” Hurley said. “We said not to bother so much with targeting new readers, but to reach out to the existing audience, remind those people what the Chronicle is all about, and get them to read the paper more often.”
Hurley said the three TV spots will air over the next six weeks, and then be used again in the fall. Radio and print ads featuring the same theme are also in the works, he said.
Grant, Scott & Hurley won the Chronicle account in February, following a review of several Bay Area shops, including Wolfe/Doyle, Hyett, Broadbent & Heimbrodt and Citron Haligman Bedecarre’.