The 'Chosen' Stay at Embassy Suites

NEW YORK Ever wonder why one employee gets to go on a business trip over another?

TBWAChiatDay in New York profiles the “chosen” business traveler in a new three-spot TV campaign for Embassy Suites Hotels that associates the success of the executive with attributes of the hotel. The $4 million campaign, which broke on national cable networks this week, marks Embassy’s first national TV push in five years.

The dialogue-driven spots, directed by Jim Jenkins of Hungry Man in New York, feature humorous office exchanges explaining why one employee was selected for a particular assignment involving travel. In “Question,” one man learns that Gus was chosen to go to a client meeting over him because he’s a better conversationalist, and he doesn’t answer every question with a question.

In “Slow,” an employee is told Trish gets to go on a trip because she is quicker on her feet and doesn’t take several seconds to respond. And in “Convincing,” two men congratulate a co-worker for being selected for a trip because of his strong negotiation skills. In the course of the brief discussion, the traveler makes them change their minds twice.

Tagged “They chose you for a reason, and you chose Embassy Suites for a reason,” each commercial details specific amenities such as complimentary breakfasts and two-room suites.

The campaign, said executive creative director Gerry Graf, treats business travel as “a badge of honor” rather than a hassle, the most common portrayal of business travel seen in advertising, and “let’s us talk about the type of people” who stay at Embassy.

“Why you are chosen for a business trip says a lot about you,” added Graf, who worked on the effort with creative director Joel Rodriguez, copywriters Jenny McGuinness and Brandon Davis, and art directors Meg Sewell and Tom Weingard.