Child Welfare Group Rolls Out PSAs

NEW YORK The Children’s Aid Society of New York is resurrecting its trademark jingle after nearly 20 years for a PSA campaign featuring the voice of actor Al Pacino.

The organization is launching the campaign in honor of its 150th anniversary, and is searching for television and radio outlets in the New York market that are willing to donate time, said a CAS representative.

Pacino, who was assisted by the society as a child, provides the voiceover for a spot that features a young boy running through city streets. As the boy crosses streets, hops over steps and runs into his neighborhood CAS building, he grows into a young man who himself volunteers for the nonprofit agency.

In the spot, Pacino says, “What if life was free of obstacles, how far would you go,” and details the various CAS programs from adoption to youth employment. “I’m Al Pacino and I’m really glad they made the Children’s Aid Society,” concludes his narration. The jingle, sung by a chorus of children, ends the spot.

The ads were produced by Dalzell Productions and the jingle was mixed by Scuba/Look, both in New York.

CAS is one of the oldest and largest child welfare organizations in the country. It serves more than 120,000 children in New York and has helped pioneer school lunch programs, visiting nurse services and free dental clinics nationwide.