As Chiat/N.Y. turns

Even faster than you can say “Joel Babbit,” Chiat/Day is once again turning over the reins of its New York office. The agency is expected to bring Marty Cooke back from London to become the top creative in N.Y., replacing Dick Sitrig, who–according to a statement issued Friday–is moving back to the L.A. office. Further, Ira Matathia, president/ceo of Chiat/Day, Toronto, might also be on his way to N.Y., making the status of Doug Watson unclear.
Though Chiat/Day North America chairman/ceo Bob Wolf would not comment on who the new creative director of the New York office would be, sources close to the agency said that Cooke, most recently creative director of the shop’s London office, would soon be returning to New York to head the department.
If Cooke does indeed return to New York, a move involving Matathia would make sense. “It’s logical that he comes back. He knows New York, he knows Wolf, he knows Jay (Chiat),” said one source. Matathia has also worked closely with Cooke, who left Chiat/Day, Toronto, approximately one year ago. Cooke and Matathia worked together at C/D, Toronto, which Cooke left about one year ago.
Wolf denied speculation that Doug Watson, who joined the agency from Chiat’s since-sold Australia office last year, would soon be leaving the agency. “That’s not true at all,” said Wolf.
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