VENICE, CALIF. – In its first ads for Infiniti since the luxury division of Nissan" data-categories = "" data-popup = "" data-ads = "Yes" data-company = "[]" data-outstream = "yes" data-auth = "" >

Chiat/Day Redesigns Infiniti’s Image — Agency’s First Ads Star Jonathan Pryce, Use Tag ‘Everything That’s Possible’ By David Kile

VENICE, CALIF. – In its first ads for Infiniti since the luxury division of Nissan

In place of the Michael Douglas voiceover, Chiat/Day has inserted British character actor Jonathan Pryce. The new tagline reads ‘Everything That’s Possible.’ In teaser ads for the new Q45, we see Pryce, as he walks by a gallery wall of artistic renditions of the letter ‘Q.’ On-screen type reads ‘Coming Soon. The New Q.’ Another teaser spot simply has Pryce rehearsing for an ad for the Q45. The first brand ad, which bows this week, shows the actor describing the suspension system of the car, drawing lines on a glass panel with a black marker as if he is writing on the TV screen. That spot introduces a new tagline. Ads for the G20 and J30 models break in June.
Brad Bradshaw, who last week added ad responsibilities for Nissan to his post as Infiniti director of advertising, said the big change from Hill, Holliday’s ad campaign was not anticipated when Chiat was given the account last fall. ‘Even though we are using an actor prominently, the car is the star of these ads,’ said Bradshaw, who added that Infiniti has a strong awareness, but the individual model names do not.
Infiniti will spend about $110 million this year, of which Bradshaw said 10% will go into cable-TV, a first for the marque. The company will flood primetime TV on May 2 with the new work. Newspaper ads break this week, and multipage spreads break in consumer magazines in early May. An outdoor campaign is being tested in Southern California, and will be made available to dealers regionally.
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