ChaseTel, Johnson Connect

‘On The Same Wavelength’ In Chattanooga
ATLANTA–A small Chattanooga agency edged two other Tennessee shops to win the $4 million account of ChaseTel Wireless Communications.
The Johnson Group Advertising & Marketing and its Johnson Waterhouse Public Relations division walked off with the local business after a review that included Ericson Marketing Communications in Nashville and The Tombras Group in Knoxville, according to the client.
ChaseTel of Chattanooga is in the process of breaking Johnson’s first campaign locally. The telecom plans to extend its reach to three more in-state markets next year: Knoxville, Memphis and Nashville.
The account win brings the shop’s billings to $11 million, though that amount will increase next year as ChaseTel enters those additional Tennessee markets. Johnson was the smallest review participant, doing business in a city that is not known as the home of the major advertising agencies in the state.
“We have done some work in the past for a small paging and cellular account,” said agency president Joe Johnson. “That helped us a little bit, but I think it was more a case of the extensive research we did looking at the digital PCS market, what some of the trends were and what you need to do in that market.”
The initial campaign, which includes television, radio, outdoor, print collateral and Web site design, plays to the simplicity of doing business with ChaseTel. The company’s sliding rate scale has a per-minute service charge that decreases the more a phone is used.
The tagline for the advertising is: “We’re on the same wavelength.”