Cevette’s Wings Ads Take Off

Cevette & Co. in Minneapolis today breaks the first national advertising campaign for the bw-3/Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant chain.
The $3 million campaign includes print, TV, radio and outdoor work and will reach 38 markets ranging from Tallahassee, Fla., to Austin, Texas. The advertising focuses on the restaurants’ finger food, particularly the hot wings, and on having fun, agency president John Cevette said.
Playing off the messiness of the restaurants’ specialty foods, outdoor and print ads feature such headlines as “Hated by manicurists everywhere” and “You didn’t like that shirt anyway.”
In one 30-second TV spot, a man who has been approached by several women arrogantly presumes they are attracted to his good looks. In fact, the women are looking to wipe their hands on his shirt.
The tagline for the campaign is, “Home of the ready-to-wear meal.”
“We found that one of the principal events [at the restaurants] was that people had a really good time,” Cevette said.
The ads are aimed primarily at males in their 20s, with spots airing heavily during sporting events and sports-related programming.
“We’ve positioned the restaurant as a place to hang out with friends and family, have some wings and beer and watch some sports,” Cevette said.
Cevette & Co. was named the company’s first agency of record last November.
The St. Louis Park, Minn.-based chain operates more than 80 restaurants in 15 states under the bw-3 and Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar names.
The bw-3 name will be gradually phased out over the next two years in favor of the Buffalo Wild Wings moniker.

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