Celestial Seasonings Effort Double Dips

BOSTON Celestial Seasonings returns with its first large-scale campaign in five years via a $3-5 million effort from independent TDA Advertising & Design in Boulder, Colo.

Efforts are made to both attract new customers and appeal to the generation of boomers who grew up with the brand. The work breaks this month.

For the 22-30-year-old crowd, TDA fashioned “Zero calorie” transit ads that show lattes, smoothies and sundaes labeled “Triple chin,” “Stretch pants” and “Fat.” The point is simple and direct: Celestial Seasonings has zero calories.

The “Green and healthy” push for consumers 45 and up appeals to the values of the post-Woodstock Generation, such as conservation, wellness and fair trade. The work appears in lifestyle magazines, touting the health benefits of Celestial Seasonings teas.

Despite the divergent media buys, an agency representative said “considerable overlap is expected [because] compared with other generations, boomer parents and their kids are unusually close in their values.”

Creative director Thomas Dooley, cd/copywriter Jonathan Schoenberg, copywriter Brad Phifer and art director Will Geddes fashioned the effort for the Melville, N.Y.-based client.