Celebrity Consolidates

Celebrity Cruises has shifted creative duties to WestWayne, consolidating its advertising and direct marketing at one shop.

Saatchi & Saatchi in New York had the Miami client’s ad account less than a year. Direct marketing chores will pass from Lieber Levett Koenig Farese Babcock in New York to WestWayne’s Miami and Tampa, Fla., offices. Media buys remain at The Me-dia Edge in New York.

The move is to consolidate under one roof, said Jim Lomonosoff, Celebrity’s svp of marketing. WestWayne already handles collateral and Web duties for the client. WestWayne was a finalist in the review that Saatchi and Lieber Levett won last October.

Billings were undisclosed, but Celebrity ad spending doubled from $15 million in 1996 to $30 million in 1999, per Competitive Media Reporting.

“Relationships had a lot to do with this win,” said Jeff Johnson, president of WestWayne’s Florida unit. “We’ve been working with Royal Caribbean Cruises [Ce-lebrity’s parent company] since 1995.”

Celebrity seeks a consistent “look, feel and tone” across all marketing platforms, Lomonosoff said. That approach helped WestWayne by-pass a formal review.

“Typically, a big agency does the television, and then a lot of subsidiary agencies do other things for a client,” said Johnson. “Success means integrating a number of disciplines together.”

Saatchi ads positioned Celebrity as a premium line. The shop hands off to WestWayne by year’s end. Sources expect Celebrity, which trails industry leader Carnival Cruise Lines, to adopt a more tactical approach.