Catherine Zeta-Jones Back for T-Mobile

Combining a pitch for a “mobile makeover” with its own advertising makeover, T-Mobile is bringing back former spokeswoman Catherine Zeta-Jones for a new ad campaign breaking tonight during Fox’s American Idol finale.

The ad, which encourages consumers to compare the value they get from their current carrier with T-Mobile online at the company’s Web site for a “mobile makeover.” The site links consumers to BillShrink, an independent, third-party service that provides savings recommendations.

“We’re so confident that T-Mobile provides the best overall experience for a majority of Americans, we’re willing to put our value to the test by pointing people to an independent source,” said T-Mobile CMO Denny Marie Post, in a written statement.

To draw maximum attention to the proposal, T-Mobile exhumed Zeta-Jones, who last starred in an ad from the company three years ago. In the ad, a group of Ivy League economists go door-to-door trying to educate homeowners about the cost of their cell phone service, but are met with slamming door after slamming door. Then Zeta-Jones shows up and instead of slamming the door, the homeowner is pleasantly surprised.

Publicis in the West, Seattle, is T-Mobile’s creative agency of record.

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