Cat Got Your Tongue?

In a recent Energizer battery spot titled “Mom,” a mischievous tot puts the family cat in the dryer, just as Mom walks in and saves the day, giving the boy a withering look. At least that’s what happened in the ad, by TBWA\Chiat\ Day in New York, when it started running in September. An updated version now shows the mom taking a rather awkward-looking basket of eggs out of the dryer as the boy looks on. What’s with the switch? PETA received “dozens of angry calls” after the ad broke, and sent a letter to the company which read, in part, “Depicting the abuse of animals in a humorous fashion is irresponsible and no more acceptable than depicting domestic violence or any other tragic social issue.” Was the letter the reason for the change? That might remain a mystery: TBWA\C\D referred questions to the client, which did not return calls.

Adman’s Secret to Marriage

Richard Kirshenbaum is getting integrated. The co-chairman of MDC’s Kirshenbaum Bond + Partners is following his camera time on The Simple Life 3 (an episode was filmed at the agency) with a literary debut. Kirshenbaum and movie producer Daniel Rosenberg have penned Closing the Deal: Two Married Guys Take You From Single Miss to Wedded Bliss, which is scheduled for a pre-Valentine’s Day release. Publisher William Morrow describes it as “two happily married husbands and regular guys revealing the secrets to getting a man down on bended knee—his most uncomfortable position.” The book, Kirshenbaum noted, “started out as a hobby, a fun way for us to get together, and the next thing we knew there was a bidding war for the book.”

In Brief

Jean-Pierre Jeunet, French director of Amelie and A Very Long Engagement, has joined Curious Pictures in New York for commercial representation. Stun Creative has appointed Chris McKenna as creative director/director in its New York office.