Carton Donofrio Picks Up PIE Scholarships

ATLANTA Carton Donofrio Partners has added Partners in Excellence to its list of clients.

The Baltimore shop was chosen following a review of undisclosed agencies to develop a marketing campaign to raise awareness and funds for the PIE scholarship program.

The campaign will include a Web site that will support online donations, direct mail materials and public relations initiatives, according to agency CEO Chuck Donofrio. The site, complete with a newly designed logo, is scheduled to launch in October.

Partners in Excellence is a scholarship program established in 1996 to assist inner-city families with scholarships to attend Catholic schools in Baltimore. The average income of the families that participate is less than $20,000, sources said. The PIE program helps these families by awarding scholarships averaging $1,000.

Tuition at Baltimore’s inner-city Catholic schools ranges from $3,300 in elementary grades to $6,500 in high school, according to the Archdiocese of Baltimore. Seventeen schools now participate in the PIE program, which serves more than 3,600 children.

“There is an urgent need to expand the base of support from companies, foundations and philanthropists,” said Tom Sonni, director of Partners in Excellence. “This program provides a critical solution to educating Baltimore’s youth.”

Annual billings for the account are less than $100,000, sources said.