carat Freeman Raises Funds

Don’t try to convince Deirdre Capodanno that media and agency types are crass and cynical.

The media supervisor at Carat Freeman in Newton, Mass., has 155,000 reasons to refute such stereotypes.

In February, Capodanno’s infant son Charlie was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer attacking his brain and spine. The cost of treatment was overwhelming, but Capodanno’s employer, and the media community at large, stepped in to help.

Carat Freeman established a fund to help pay Charlie’s medical bills. High-tech publishers IDG, CMP and Ziff-Davis auctioned off ad space in their properties, netting $115,000. An additional $40,000 was collected at a separate fundraising event hosted by Carat Freeman, with agency executives, employees and Capodanno family friends the primary contributors.

Today, Charlie is responding well to chemotherapy and just began walking. “He’s defying the odds unbelievably,” said Carat Freeman vice president of marketing Lynne Esparo.