Capital Spice

In the age of the Internet, newspapers are often seen as a less-than-dynamic medium, unable to grab attention the way a fast-moving Web site can.
Lindsay, Stone & Briggs in Madison, Wis., sought to add some spice to the image of local paper The Capital Times with TV spots that suggest the journal contains an unexpected amount of zip.
A man making chili in one ad isn’t happy with the taste even after pouring in gobs of hot pepper sauce and chili powder. Finally he stuffs in an issue of The Capital Times bearing the headline, “Extra flavor,” which is also the campaign’s tagline.
An even more offbeat execution has a man trying to get a woman to respond to his sexual advances. He dresses in a smoking jacket, tuxedo and then a matador’s getup, but the woman remains unenthused. Only when he does a subtle strip tease with the paper does she offer a raised eyebrow–but only because she wants to read it. –Trevor Jensen