Capital IQ “Fair Unfair”

The man on the street would be happy these days to see investment bankers and other Wall Street types taken off in tumbrels to the guillotine. But financial professionals still have a job to do (that is, if they haven’t lost their jobs). This spot aims to persuade them that Capital IQ is an information source that can help them do it – and, indeed, will give them an “unfair advantage” in accomplishing their work. Created by Della Femina/Rothschild/Jeary & Partners of New York, the spot comes complete with a mob of angry demonstrators who brandish signs emblazoned with the word “unfair” (or, in some cases, “fair”) and a newscaster who reports on the fair-or-unfair controversy. It’s an attention-getting way of making the point that (as the newscaster says) Capital IQ “works from any computer and makes an ordinary financial professional so productive.” With Wall Streeters already feeling under siege these days, will they be in the mood for a vignette that shows angry citizens in the streets, complaining about something that’s “unfair” in the financial sector? I’ve got my doubts. But it likely will make those viewers sufficiently curious to check out the FairOrUnfair Web site whose address appears on screen at the end of the spot. Anyhow, the public is hostile toward Wall Street these days not so much because its denizens are greedy as because they seem to have been incompetently greedy. An information service that promises to make them smarter at their jobs will find a receptive audience in this climate.–Mark Dolliver