The Canyons and Cockneys Vs. Zombies Are in Our Mashup of the Weekend’s New Movies [Video]

See Li-Lo pre-rehab, Londoners battling the undead, plus 2 Guns

At the end of a long campaign that began last year with director Paul Schrader rambling on to various publications about how he stripped naked to make Lindsay Lohan feel more comfortable on the set of his new movie, the actual trailer for The Canyons finally arrives. And given it has a Bret Easton Ellis script, was funded by Kickstarter and casts a porn performer in the lead male role, it's a surprisingly glossy affair, especially when contrasted with The Artist and His Model, seemingly an art house European May-December romance in shades of black and white so cautiously tasteful they rather undermine your faith.

Also in the Trailer Mash this week: 2 Guns, wherein Marky Mark and Denzel Washington wave their pistols in front of green screens; Europa Report, a super-realistic contemporary space travel movie if the year is 1992, apparently; and Cockneys Versus Zombies, which pitches Zombies against those popular creatures of fiction, no-nonsense East Londoners.