Cannes CEO Resigns

NEW YORK — Franz Prenner has resigned his post as CEO of the International Advertising Festival in Cannes. The news surfaced as tensions escalated between German agencies and the festival after it reportedly banned Germans from the 2003 Cannes juries.

A Cannes representative said Prenner, who is Austrian, left the London post in September for personal reasons. Prenner could not be reached.

Prenner replaced Romain Hatchuel as Cannes CEO in January. Previously, Prenner had been director of advertising and managing director of ORF Enterprise, Austria’s state television network and the country’s Cannes representative. Roger Hatchuel, the Cannes chairman, will act as interim CEO until a replacement can be found, according to the festival.

Separately, the Cannes festival still refuses to comment on the ban on German judges. “It’s an issue between us and the German agencies,” the Cannes official said.

The ban was a response to an agreement made among 18 German agencies to limit the number of awards shows they would enter, according to Carsten Heintzsch, executive creative director of Saatchi & Saatchi and a spokesman for those agencies. Hatchuel reportedly banned German judges from Cannes because the German agencies had not included the Eurobest awards ? which, like Cannes, is also owned by the Hatchuel family — among the awards shows they would enter.

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