Candidates Get Tough in N.H. Spots

NEW YORK Joe Lieberman and John Edwards on Wednesday unveiled new TV ads in New Hampshire as the battle for the Democratic presidential nomination heats up.

The Lieberman spot focuses on the Connecticut senator’s promises to take the country “forward, not backward,” and reiterates his support for the war on terror. The 30-second spot, from Washington D.C.-based Integrity Minded Media, touts Lieberman’s record on the environment, civil rights and his pro-choice stance on abortion. It also draws distinctions between Lieberman and the other Democratic presidential hopefuls on defense, terrorism and tax cuts.

In the spot an announcer says, “And even in the face of political pressure, Joe Lieberman has never wavered in his fight against terrorism.”

The 30-second Edwards spot, called “Milk,” the senator from North Carolina is seen addressing a small group on the Enron scandal. “How many of those people have gone to jail,” Edwards says. “I mean really, if somebody goes down to the grocery store and steals a half-gallon of milk, they end up in jail,” Edwards says.

Edwards then attacks President Bush as a protector of criminals: “But, here we go, when George Bush’s friends get in trouble, they don’t go to jail.” Edwards concludes: “We need to act to put the law back on the side of the American people and not have the law on the side of the special interests.”

The Edwards spot was produced and directed by David Axelrod of Axelrod & Associates in Chicago.