Campbell Pitches V8 Juice to Seniors

Campbell is eyeing a new group of consumers to pitch the health benefits of its V8 juices: senior citizens. The company has introduced a new campaign dubbed “Long Live Vegetables,” and a refreshed tagline: “Could’ve had a V8, she/he just did.”

The ads, via Young & Rubicam, New York, feature older people performing stunning feats. One spot, for instance, shows an 83-year-old V8 drinker water skiing. Voiceover: “Drink more V8 vegetable juice now, have more fun when you’re 80.” Another spot shows a 66-year-old skydiving. “Drinking V8 may lower your risk of never acting your age,” the voiceover says.

“This is the next generation of campaigns. It’s meant to be more inspirational,” said Campbell rep Juli Mandel Sloves, adding that the brand is moving away from the humor element currently used in its V8 commercials. One example is a commercial currently airing, also via Y&R, where a child slaps her mother on the forehead for choosing a french fry over V8 juice.

Campbell will rotate the existing and new V8 commercials throughout the year, but the brand’s message will remain the same: “Get more vegetables.”

The new campaign is meant to reinforce the notion that “age is a state of mind,” Sloves said. “All of these people drink V8 if not daily, then several times a week,”

The previous major marketing push for the V8 brand happened in September, when Campbell ran an ad campaign for V8 Soups.

“It’s appealing to that baby boomer market. It makes a lot of sense,” said Lynn Dornblaser, new products expert at Mintel, Chicago. “Boomers have been big V8 drinkers in their lives, and this is bringing them back to it if they’ve moved away from the brand.”

Marti Barletta, CEO of The TrendSight Group in Winnetka, Illi., said Campbell is tapping into a segment of the population that packaged goods marketers have traditionally avoided.

“Most food companies are still locked in their ‘market to moms’ mindset and seem to be completely oblivious to the piles of cash they’re leaving on the table,” said Barletta. Consumers over 50 are “actively searching for beneficial ‘foodaceuticals’ they can build into their lifestyle,” she said.

Campbell spent $54 million on U.S. measured media for its V8 brand in 2007, and $40 million through June of this year, per TNS Media Intelligence.

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