Calling all teenage boys

Men’s Health, the magazine responsible for providing fodder for millions of men’s insecurities (“But … I don’t have a washboard stomach!”), is hoping to click with teen boys with its new spinoff, MH-18, debuting Sept. 21.

The magazine, which officially launches as a bimonthly in 2001, features articles on every aspect of teen life, from girls to cars.

“We’re trying to be the first service magazine for teenage guys,” said Jeff Csatari, editor in chief of MH-18, based in Emmaus, Pa. “The time was right. … There are a lot of teens out there with a lot of disposable income who influence the buying decisions of their parents.”

Can a new magazine for teenage boys succeed in this arena?

“The idea is it’s never been done because it can’t be done,” Csatari said. “But I think that’s short-sighted. … Guys inherently want to have a mastery of certain skills. They’re looking for advice, for tips on how to be better guys.”

Advertisers in the first issue include Calvin Klein Jeans, Sony, Vans and Abercrombie & Fitch.