The East Bay Advertising Club will host ‘The East Bay Addy Party’ to honor Admark Addy award winners and the ad person of the year. Berkeley Marina

Marriott Hotel in Berkeley, Calif. Info: (510) 658-4883

May 2


This year’s Lulu awards will honor Cosmopolitan’s international editions editor-in-chief Helen Gurley Brown and 1996 Olympic gold medalist Dot Richardson. Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif. Info: (818)712-0802

May 15

That’s entertainment Star Power ’97 is a two-day conference on the power of entertainment in product marketing.

Universal City Hilton and Towers in Universal City, Calif. Info: (212) 420-1100

May 20-21

SUPER selling

Ben Wiener of WongDoody advertising will discuss ‘Supersonic Advertising’ at the next Ad 2 Seattle program. School of Visual

Concepts in Seattle. Info: (206) 989-9975

May 28

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