Bush Web Spot Blasts Kerry

WASHINGTON, D.C. The George W. Bush campaign launched its first Web video Thursday attacking Democratic front-runner John Kerry.

Called “Unprincipled, Chapter I,” the video features an Internet search engine with the words “John Kerry” being typed into the header. Kerry’s Web site pops up and the viewer hears Kerry making a speech in which he says, “I have a message for the influence peddlers and special interests. We’re coming, you’re going.”

“Sounds good,” the female voiceover says as the words “special interests” are typed in the search engine. A Washington Post article appears and the voiceover says, “More special interest money than any other senator. How much?”

The words “Money from Lobbyists” then pop up next to the figure $640,000. “For what,” the voiceover says as the woman types the word “paybacks” into the search engine. An Associate Press article appears and the voiceover says, “Nominations and donations coincided. Wait. Watchdog Groups.”

After typing “Watchdog Groups” into the search engine, the Web site for the Washington political watchdog group, the Center for Public Integrity, appears. The voiceover says, “Fact. Kerry – Brought to you by the special interests. Millions from executives at HMOs, telecoms, drug companies. Ka-Ching! Unprincipled?”

The image then returns to Kerry saying, “I have a message for the influence peddlers, and the special interests…” with the words “special interests” repeated again and again.

The Bush campaign said in a statement, “To date, John Kerry has harshly attacked President Bush with 15 ads that have aired 9,712 times and cost $4.9 million.”

The campaign said it was launching the video “after months of John Kerry’s attacks against President Bush on special interests.”

The Web video was sent to six million people who signed up on the Bush Web site.