Bush Stresses Values in Ad Return

WASHINGTON, D.C. President George W. Bush today launches a new TV spot that focuses on core values to meet the demands of an uncertain present and future.

The ad follows Sen. John Kerry’s acceptance speech on Thursday for the Democratic presidential nomination, in which he emphasized combating terrorism and strengthening U.S. foreign policy.

In the 30-second Bush spot, called “Changing World,” a voiceover says, “The world is changing. Sometimes in ways that astound. And others that terrify. We depend more than ever on our values: family, faith, the freedom we celebrate. In today’s changing world the answers aren’t easy. We need a sense of purpose, a vision for the future, the conviction to do what’s right.”

A graphic features President Bush saying, “Together, we’re moving America forward.”

The Bush-Cheney campaign had suspended all advertising as the Democrats held their convention in Boston from Monday through Thursday.