Burrell Gets ‘Real’ for Coke

NEW YORK Burrell Communications next week unveils three TV spots in the “Real” campaign for Coke Classic targeting African-American consumers, the client said.

Breaking on Feb. 17 is “Session,” which features Nu Classic Soul recording artists Musiq, Angie Stone, Amel Larrieux, Questlove, Scratch, Donnie and Aaries, and visual artist Mike Thompson.

Those artists appear in “Session,” a reprise of sorts of the spot that broke on the American Music Awards on Jan. 13 featuring the singers Mya and Common, who used the jazz hook “Compared to what” in a new song. The singers do their own a capella, freestyle version of the song “Real Compared to What.”

A week later, “Inspiration” breaks showing Mike Thompson, a graffiti artist who has worked for ecko, spray painting a portrait of the artists. “Mountain Music” follows on Feb. 28 featuring Angie Stone, Questlove and Donnie in a karaoke contest singing their version of the Alabama song “Mountain Music.”

Coke is planning to use the same artists in a print campaign.

Malik Hassan Sayeed, best known for directing music videos for Lauryn Hill and Jay-Z, directed the Coke spots, all shot in New York City.

As part of the marketing platform, Coke is sponsoring the Coca-Cola Nu Classic Soul Lounge, an umbrella of events blending the “Real” campaign with live performances in loft spaces in New York and Los Angeles.

Burrell Communications Group created the Nu Classic Soul advertising.

Berlin Cameron/Red Cell is Coke Classic’s lead creative agency and created the “Real” campaign.