Burger Menu, Ads Beefed Up

Sizzler International, best known for its steaks and salad bar, is beefing up its menu, literally, for the lunchtime crowd.

The Los Angeles-based national restaurant chain began rolling out a new burger menu this month, which features nine kinds of burgers, including a vegetarian patty.

Evans, Hardy & Young, the Santa Barbara, Calif., shop which won the $6-8 million account earlier this year after a brief review, has created a TV campaign for the new burger line.

‘Sizzler is trying to provide customers with alternative, casual menu choices,’ said agency president Jim Evans. ‘They want to be more competitive at lunchtime.’

In one spot, a lineup of ballplayers is juxtaposed with the various new burger offerings, noting that there is a burger for every taste. The new tagline is ‘Steaks, salad bar and great burgers.’

Sizzler emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings earlier this month.

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