Headshot of Adweek Staff

Bates USA may want to add a disclaimer to its latest work for the Hoosier Lottery: “No staffers were injured while pitching this idea.”
The Indianapolis agency’s 30-second “Play Responsibly” television commercial shows one dart player admiring another’s tosses during a pub match. Good sportsmanship is in the player’s best interest, it turns out, as he is holding the dart board in front of his chest. His opponent, meanwhile, has a patch over one eye, the result of an earlier round gone awry.
“We don’t think the ‘Play responsibly’ message should be dull,” said Marcia Stone, the agency’s executive creative director.
The pitch was anything but. When selling the concept to the Indiana client, Bates personnel acted out their proposals, with the art director throwing darts at the copywriter bravely holding the target board.
Luckily, they avoided a trip to the hospital.
“We also play responsibly,” Stone said.
–Jenn Godd