A Bug’S Life

Adults can understand Y2K doomsday hype and determine for themselves what to believe. Children may having a harder time grasping the significance.
Ned Crowley, an executive creative director at Leo Burnett, addresses those concerns with a new children’s book titled Y. Tookay Is Coming that looks at millennial computer problems from a kid’s point of view.
The book tells the story of a father stocking up on canned food and candles in preparation for “Y. Tookay.” When he explains to his children that the approaching “visitor” is a computer bug, the kids recommend he treat it like other insects and simply “squish ’em.” Their innocence allays the father’s worries, and the family happily heads off to buy a new computer.
The work, published by Little Friend Press, is Crowley’s third effort under the nom de plume Mr. Hendersen, whom the author describes as “a kinder, gentler Ned Crowley.”
–Aaron Baar