Buffalo Cafe Cracks the Whip

Hood Marketing Rebrands Restaurant
ATLANTA–Buffalo’s Cafe takes a page from Indiana Jones in a new branding campaign whose slogan is: “Whippin’ up something good.”
The family res-taurant with old West decor introduces a whip-snapping cowboy character in TV and radio commercials. He guides mom, dad and kids through the chain’s entrees, with the sound of a cracking whip punctuating every visual or aural transition.
The Atlanta-based eatery hired Hood Marketing Solutions here earlier this year to define its expanded Southwestern menu.
“We’ve always been a family restaurant, just not always positioned that way,” said Ray Cabana, Buffalo Cafe’s president and chief executive. “Sometimes a customer wasn’t sure what we were. A sports bar? A wing place? Just a bar?”
David Stedman, agency executive vice president, said the cowboy is “a wholesome, family-oriented spokesperson . . . The ‘whippin’ up something good’ slogan tells you the food is fresh.”
The spots, airing in Atlanta, will expand in June to the seven states where the chain’s 46 restaurants are located. The $1 million effort is supported by print and outdoor.