‘Budget Travel’ to Launch ‘Girlfriend’ Microsite

NEW YORK Budget Travel magazine is launching a microsite in April for Girlfriend Getaways, an offshoot that provides tips and destination information for women travelers.

The microsite has one sponsor so far: South Carolina Parks, Recreation and Tourism, and is seeking others.

The site will be accessible from Budget Travel‘s home page and contain exclusive content, such as an online scrapbook inviting readers to organize and create Web pages detailing their trips.

“We’ve gotten a lot of women who have read past issues and have sent us photographs. We had asked them to tell us about their Girlfriend Getaways traditions and found that a lot of them create memento books,” said Budget Traveler publisher Nancy Telliho.

The site will also build a section on how to organize bachelorette party getaways and feature a “trip coach” for groups of women looking to plan vacations. Additionally, the venue will provide in-depth descriptions of spas featured in the magazine.

Telliho said the site would launch April 1 and be refreshed in August to coincide with the release of the September print issue.