Bud Does It Again

Adweek creative editor Eleftheria Parpis takes a look at the spot that stole the show on Oscar night.

Britney shimmied for Pepsi. Seinfeld made a comeback for American Express. But a quiet Soprano-styled “How you doin” spot from DDB Chicago stole the show.

Set in a nondescript bar, the spot opens with a leather-clad customer sauntering up to the bar for a Bud with a “how you doin” greeting to the bartender, who responds with his own expressionless “how you doin”. As more, equally-colorful, locals come up to the bar, the telephone rings with a call for the main character. The spot cuts between the main identical ‘How you doin” exchanges, as the telephone rings with a call for Jerry.

“So what’s going on?” he asks, after the string of salutations. “You don’t want know,” says the caller, standing in the rain with an anxious-looking friend. Budweiser. True.

It was another smart follow-up in Budweiser’s ever-growing ‘Whassup’ campaign, proving, like Goodby, Silverstein & Partners’ Super Bowl “white-guy” version, that as long as there is an opportunity to say hello, pop culture will always provide another humorous opportunity for Budweiser to capitalize on the infectious original.

Though originally produced for possible Super Bowl airing, the spot’s Sunday night venue perfectly tapped into viewers’ eagerness for more Mafia-inspired entertainment. It aired early in the three-hour broadcast, but the storyline left viewers wanting more, just in time for The Sopranos.