Buckley/Friedman Breaks New $9 Mil. Campaign For Balance Bar

LOS ANGELES – Buckley/Friedman Advertising and Public Relations takes an old saying to new heights in its latest, estimated $9 million campaign for Balance Bar.
The Costa Mesa, Calif., shop’s new 30-second national TV spot for Balance Bar broke regionally last Thursday in the Los Angeles market during the final episode of NBC’s Seinfeld.
The spot, also cut in 10- and 15-second executions, depicts an airplane pilot and co-pilot chatting in the cockpit just after takeoff. The pilot complains about the poor quality of the airline food, prompting his colleague to offer him a Balance Bar. He balks at her suggestion, skeptical that a nutrition bar could taste good. “A nutrition bar with great taste? You know when that’ll happen,” he says.
The pilot then happens to look out the window and sees a pig flying alongside the airplane. The pig winks at him and flies off, with an entire squadron of winged pigs in tow. The pilot, forced to eat his words, is then seen sampling the Balance Bar.
The tag, “Get some balance in your life,” appears at the end of the spot as the camera focuses on a Balance Bar on the plane’s dashboard.
“The use of a pig in a commercial for a nutrition bar may seem a bit odd at the outset,” said Buckley/Friedman president Shawn Buckley. “That’s the reason the spot works so well. … It’s so original.”
Print work in national mainstream magazines will support the TV spot.
Buckley/Friedman, which has handled the Balance Bar account for the past two and a half years, defended the business late last year in a review.
“The spot is a little bit irony, a little bit humor,” Buckley said. “We wanted to take the bars more mainstream and show consumers that they’re not just for athletes. We’re the nutrition snack that tastes great.”
Balance Bar Co., Carpinteria, Calif., makes 10 varieties of nutrition bars.