The Buckle On The Rust Belt

At first glance, Pittsburgh does not seem to be the most promising place for the headquarters of a computer network marketer.
A new spot for FORE Systems from Anderson & Lembke in New York, however, turns the city’s blue-collar history into a point of differentiation for the high-tech client.
The spot (shown here) uses footage of steel foundries and denim-clad workers smelting ore. Those images meld with modern-day shots of a doctor attending to a pregnant woman and a group of business types in a boardroom. “Hey, we’re from Pittsburgh. That’s how we make things here,” reads a caption. The spot breaks next month.
A&L managing director John Athorn said the agency wanted to distance FORE from Silicon Valley.
Ron McKenzie, FORE’s vice president of marketing, added that computer jargon will have no place in the campaign. “Pittsburgh is known for its traditional values,” he said. –Rob Lenihan