Buck Got The Lovesick Blues

“I watch the mailman comin’/I wait by the tele phone/I meet the trains down at the station/And I spend my nights alone.” So sang Buck Owens on “Think of Me.” Now the perennially love lorn country music legend is living those lyrics—and plaster ing Southern Calif ornia with ads in an effort to banish his blues for good.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that it all began at a taping of Family Feud that Owens did with the Dixie Chicks. A woman came up, Owens recalls, they chatted, and he got her number. But then he lost it—and now the 72-year-old crooner, anxious as a lovesick teenager, is placing classifieds all over, trying to find his lost love.

The ad reads, in part: “BUCK OWENS FAN!!! … that met Buck at the Family Feud taping. … Buck has lost contact and would like you to call. … Extremely Important.”

And Owens may go further. He has expressed an interest in having a composite artist “come in and do some sketches,” pre sumably for a more extensive ad, and is also thinking about taking his message to the radio.

Skeptics might suggest that Owens is simply on the rebound—he admits to being locked in “the nastiest divorce you’ve ever seen.” But he believes it’s love.

“She had great hair. And it was her hair, you could tell,” he explained to the Union-Tribune. “I know it sounds silly to some people, me looking for her this way. But what if it works? … Am I a damn fool?”