Steal This Couch

CP+B tells Canadians to take Ikea goods

Who knew Canadians had such sticky fingers? After Crispin Porter + Bogusky and Ikea designers set up a living-room environment in Toronto’s Union Station last Thursday to promote the opening of the client’s fourth store in the area, every item in the display was gone within eight minutes. But the thieves were just responding to an invitation from the Miami agency. The creatives had decided that instead of guarding over the goods—about a thousand Canadian dollars’ worth of Ikea products big and small—they’d surrender to the inevitable and attach signs reading “Steal me” to each item. CP+B’s Mike Lear added copy to the signs, such as this message attached to the sofa: “What better way to make a friend than to say, ‘Excuse me, want to help me steal this sofa?’ The two of you will then be able to look back at this day and say, ‘Hey, remember that time we stole that sofa?’ And you’ll laugh. Of course, you and your new friend could always just go to Ikea and buy a Klippan sofa, seeing as they’re only $299.” Associate creative director Steve O’Connell had predicted Canadians would be too honest to take up the offer too heartily, and figured on carting home the couch himself. He was wrong. Thanks to some advance radio buzz about the event, “it was like jackals to a carcass,” says O’Connell. “I was kind of sad. I would have liked to watch it disappear piece by piece.”

Patti Hires 3 From BBDO

In his first creative hires since taking over as Young & Rubicam worldwide creative director in February, Michael Patti has brought aboard three members of the creative group he steered while an ecd at BBDO in New York. Tommy Henvey, 32, an associate creative director at BBDO, has joined as a group creative director. The team of Johnny Tan, 30, and Chien Hwang, 32, retain their associate creative director titles in moving to Y&R. Patti says he’s still sorting out their assignments. Henvey, a writer, and Tan and Hwang, both art directors, previously worked on several Pepsi brands at BBDO. Henvey also worked on Federal Express.

Y&R’s Last Look at Teflon

For Young & Rubicam’s last work for DuPont, the agency sent a team of food stylists to Home Depot in search of sharp objects that resembled food. They picked out clumps of spaghetti-like copper tubing, made a pseudo pork chop by decorating sandpaper with barbed wire, fashioned electrical wire into green beans and placed a fishing lure on a bed of broken glass—then put them into Teflon-coated cookware. Ross Sutherland, managing partner, creative at Y&R in New York, says the agency wanted to position the client as “upscale in image but tough and hard-working” in three print ads that break in September issues of magazines such as Real Simple and Food & Wine. Linda Charles Watson, a still-life photographer, shot the ads. The art director was Marwan Khuri, and the copywriter was Jill Applebaum. Wilmington, Del.-based DuPont has worked with Y&R since the early 1990s, but in May consolidated its $70 million account at Ogilvy & Mather, following a review.