break from the norm

New work from Asher & Partners for digital entertainment network plays off the site’s irreverent tone and unusual content.
The company is attacking the San Diego and Austin, Texas, markets with various forms of guerrilla marketing, including wild postings, posters in bathroom stalls and some radio spots. The posters feature fictional letters to the company from angry Web surfers. They refer to the site’s webmasters as “scumbags” and the content as “crap.” One comes from an overtly religious matron, another from a World War II veteran angry that his 35-year-old son could access the content.
“We’re trying to create word-of-mouth interest in the site and create notoriety,” said Bruce Dundore, chief creative officer of the Los Angeles agency.
Two other ads feature bold, tabloid-style headlines. One reads, “Giant asteroid headed straight for”
Asher landed the Venice, Calif., client’s account in August.
–Christine Campbel