Bravo! Antelis Gets Rogue Makeover

No 2003 retrospective is complete without a Queer Eye for the Straight Guy reference, and Leo Burnett’s year-end breakfast was no exception. In a short film shown at last week’s shindig, five fashionable Burnett staffers make over famously disheveled Ira Antelis, director of the Chicago shop’s Music Aid division.

He of the unkempt locks and sports jerseys was nominated for the makeover by Music Aid manager and producer Bonny Dolan. “She originally wanted to get him on the real show, and she realized the chances were slim,” says Matt Stewart, grooming expert (and assistant editor/visual-effects artist at Burnett production unit The Core).

So Burnett’s own Fab Five came to the rescue. In Chicago’s Boystown, they introduced Antelis to the art of wine tasting (Ira downed a glass in one chug) and discarded his “Sports Authority couture.” The final stop was at hair salon Robert Jeffrey, where Antelis got a more corporate ‘do. The video ended with a clip of Bravo’s Queer guys in which Carson Kressley quips: “From mensch to chick magnet.”

“My social life’s improved a little bit,” Antelis admits. “People who would never talk to me come up to me now.” But while things just keep getting better, some things never change: Antelis says he’s committed to the short hair, but he’s back to wearing his sports jerseys.