Challenger Brands Have More Options as Demand for Digital Content in the Tech Age Grows

The view from Reddit, Spotify and Group Nine Media on strategy, communities and streaming

Video: Breana Mallamaci, Editor: Josh Rios

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the leading cheerleader for American business owners large and small, remains hopeful that U.S. businesses will emerge from the coronavirus crisis battered and bruised, but not broken.

“It’s too early to determine the long-term impact on supply chains, manufacturing, and the American economy,” the Chamber wrote in a note to members March 16. “Given the importance of consumer spending to the American economy, much will depend on the confidence of the American public.”

Business confidence was in abundance in the weeks and months leading up to the outbreak. In early March, in what would be one of the final events before the outbreak shuttered much of New York City, Adweek produced the Challenger Brands summit, convening some of the most dynamic brands in the U.S. to talk about growth, opportunity and challenge.

After their panel discussions, Ben Lerer, CEO of Group Nine Media, Julie Clark, Spotify’s head of Advertising Revenue Innovation and Neal Hubman, head of Growth Partnerships at Reddit shared some thoughts. Listen above for their insights.

@ChrisAriens Chris Ariens is the managing editor and director of video at Adweek.