Bozell Gets ‘Boss’ for Biggest Client

Online System Makes DaimlerChrysler Creative Available Globally
DETROIT–DaimlerChrysler’s new system for sharing marketing information and advertising images among Bozell Worldwide offices across the globe has resulted in significant savings in the turnaround time for creating ads for the automaker, according to agency executives.
The Bozell Online System Suite, or “BOSS,” was created by Bozell’s Southfield, Mich., office exclusively for DaimlerChrysler. It allows the 750 Bozell creatives and account staffers worldwide who work on DaimlerChrysler business instant access to more than 2,500 current and past print and TV images that have been used in advertising, both in North America and elsewhere, said Chuck Russo, Bozell senior partner for DaimlerChrysler International.
Materials can be previewed and ordered online, cutting the time from start to finish on an international ad by more than half, Russo said. The system also keeps overseas creatives from having to duplicate efforts since they can instantly find out what is available for use. Furthermore, it helps facilitate communication among offices and eases difficulties imposed by time-zone differences, he said.
For example, Bozell plans to make extensive use of the new system as it tackles a new assignment from DaimlerChrysler to set up dealer advertising associations around the world. BOSS will help the agency in creating a consistent message worldwide in the advertising for that project, Russo said.
The password-protected Internet site also includes all strategic and media planning information for all the product brands handled by the agency in more than 70 offices. While the effort was fully funded by Bozell and designed by Sanjay Khetrapal, senior partner of management information services at the agency, DaimlerChrysler marketing executives have been enthusiastic about it, and aspects of the system will eventually be accessible to them, Russo said.
A pilot system was launched 18 months ago strictly with print images. Employees worldwide were invited to offer input on how the system could help them with their tasks. –with Jeff Green