Bozell Brings Back Dirty Girl

Effort Touts Benefits of Energy-Saving Appliances, Light Fixtures
BOSTON–Building on last year’s ads for Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships featuring a grimy girl called “Suzy,” Bozell Kamstra has released several spots to promote other energy-saving products, including kitchen appliances, light bulbs and fixtures.
Spending is in the $2 million range, and Konjolka/KSL Media, Wellesley, Mass., is handling placement.
“We’re trying to build recognition and consumer interest in the Energy Star label” said Bozell Kamstra senior account director Jeff Drake. The Energy Star designation awarded by the Environmental Protection Agency graces energy-efficient products from numerous manufacturers.
An effort was made to continue the tone of last year’s well-received campaign in which a mother encourages her daughter to get dirty by rolling around in the mud.
Those ads helped the client, a consortium of 38 regional utility companies, reach its goal of boosting sales for TumbleWashers, Drake said.
The Danvers, Mass., agency has also developed two new 30-second TV spots featuring Suzy, portrayed by pint-sized New Hampshire native Tesia Whittier. The first commercial, “Ice Cream Social,” shows Suzy making a mess as she serves her doll and teddy bear guests sundaes while a narrator describes product benefits. Her mother asks, “Is that my good china?” Suzy shakes her head yes, and her mother shrugs, smiles and says, “Just checking.”
In the second execution, Suzy is on stage with a lamp shade on her head to explain the benefits of using energy-efficient light bulbs and fixtures. Her mother pulls a cord and the lamp shade is re-moved to reveal the girl’s lightbulb-style hairdo. “And they look good, too!” Suzy concludes.
The ads are running through the fall in Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York markets. Three print ads will run in upscale home and design magazines, as well as more than twenty newspapers throughout Massachusetts. Radio ads are also scheduled to break this fall. K