Tired of having its sport seen as a bastion of geeks, nerds and guys who couldn’t make the football team, the Pro Bowlers Association has called on a new Seattle agency called Creature to spruce up the perception of bowling.

The 4-month-old shop has launched a campaign for the PBA focusing on the “drama” of the competition.

Agency creative director Matt Peterson acknowledged that bowling is typically not known for its excitement, but he said that is about to change with PBA initiatives including a world championship and a relaxed dress code.

“When you look at these guys, they’re pretty buttoned-up, with their mustaches and their polo shirts tucked in tight,” said Peterson.

Print ads created by Creature focus on the rivalry between players and feature the tag: “Only one can win.” One execution features players Robert Smith and Pete Weber, both raising their arms in victory. Text below each player reads: “I will not lose.”

Peterson said, “[Bowlers are] not seen as athletes, certainly, and this is not seen as a sport, but more of a game. They have a little bit to overcome.”