Boomerang “Santa”

Does Santa really need a GPS device? Isn’t he all-seeing and all-knowing? This amusing holiday-themed spot for Boomerang out of Nicebigbrain in New York suggests he not only needs help with directions but also a religion tracker that can identify those who actually celebrate Christmas. The spot begins in the darkness of night as St. Nick makes his way out of the fireplace and flings his bag of presents over his shoulder. Befuddled by the absence of a Christmas tree in the living room, he roams around the house and to his dismay finds instead a lit menorah, and then several other pieces of evidence that he has landed at a Jewish household. A young sleepy boy spots him at the top of the stairs and after a couple of seconds of silence and staring at each other Santa does what any responsible adult would do, try to trick the kid. “Behind you!” he shouts and jets out of there before anyone else can discover his mistake. The ad ends with the tag, “Never get lost.” –Eleftheria Parpis