bombs away

As George W. Bush and Al Gore prepare for their first presidential debate, a group dedicated to diverting defense dollars to education this week will air in Boston and Washington, D.C., a 30-second spot from Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos.

The no-frills execution for the New York-based nonprofit Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities features retired U.S. Admiral Jack Shanahan who begins: “One of our nuclear bombs blows up Hiroshima five times over. Five devastate Russia.” Missiles fill the screen as he continues. “After that, this is how many the U.S. has left. I feel safe reducing nuclear weapons and investing the savings in education. Do you?” The spot closes with the tagline “Move your money.” The group is airing the ad to raise an issue unlikely to come up otherwise in this year’s presidential discourse, said Business Leaders vice president Duane Peterson.

Elements of the campaign from Boston-based Hill, Holliday recently scored gold, silver and bronze prizes at the Athena Awards honoring newspaper advertising and garnered prizes at last week’s Francis W. Hatch Awards celebrating regional creative excellence.