Boeing Considers Global Review

Cole & Weber’s $30 Mil. Account Is in Jeopardy
LOS ANGELES–The 30-year marriage between Boeing Co. and Cole & Weber is entering a rocky patch.
Client executives confirmed last week that they are mulling a review for Boeing’s estimated $30 million global ad account, which would include all of C&W’s assignments.
“I would not deny that it’s being considered,” said Clark McCann, director of advertising at the Seattle company. “But I would not want to put a timetable on it.”
Boeing has not contacted shops or hired a consultant, said McCann. While an agency search is an option, he noted: “Cole & Weber is still our agency.”
“We are proceeding as if we are agency of record for the long term,” said Debby Kennedy, president of the $130 million Seattle agency. Boeing is the biggest client for C&W, which is owned by Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide. Ogilvy handles the client abroad.
The world’s largest aerospace company is looking to develop an umbrella corporate image effort, said sources. Should Boeing hold a review, it would likely invite agencies with strong international networks. Currently, the company employs a variety of ads to support its diverse business interests, which range from 747 commercial jets to military fighters to its role as contractor for the United Space Alliance’s fleet of four Space Shuttles.
Boeing has studied its supplier relationships since its $16 billion purchase last year of military aircraft maker McDonnell Douglas. To celebrate the merger, C&W created ads that used the history of flight as their theme.
Boeing’s chief rival, Lockheed/Martin Marietta, has an ongoing project relationship with Gray, Kirk/VanSant in Baltimore. –with Angela Dawson