Shot in ominous black- and-white, a recent spot from DeVito/Verdi shows a young woman trailed by three older men in suits. When she tries to buy an orange soda, the men pick ginger ale for her instead. When she chooses a stylish outfit in a store, they veto it in favor of a dowdy dress.
Titled “Old Guys,” the TV commercial by the New York shop is the first one created for the Pro-Choice Education Project, a national organization with representatives from pro-choice groups nationwide.
“You wouldn’t want some old guys in Washington making choices for you,” the voiceover says. “Then why are you letting them make the most important choice of all?”
Urging viewers to fight for their right to a safe and legal abortion, the ad concludes with this message: “It’s pro-choice or no choice.”
DeVito/Verdi has been waging a battle of its own to get “Old Guys” on the air; the spot has been turned down by all the major networks’ New York affiliates. So far, only Fox’s San Francisco affiliate has agreed to air it.