Bodily functions

Working for a small brewery in southeastern Wisconsin afforded creatives at Advertising, Boelter & Lincoln an opportunity to think outside the box, that box being a urinal.

The Milwaukee agency designed three posters for Harbor City Brewing, two of which are designed to occupy men’s minds as they busy themselves with eliminating the very product in question. The posters will be put above urinals in the men’s rooms of various southeastern Wisconsin taverns.

“Shake once if you like Harbor City beer,” reads one poster. “Shake twice if you love it. (We’d go on, but the guy next to you looks nervous.)”

Another poster broaches a topic most beer advertising makes a point of avoiding: the unfortunate side effects of enjoying a bit too much of the product.

“You’ll wanna puke just to taste it again,” it reads.

“They really just wanted to get their name out there,” said Ken Young, creative director at the agency. “We suggested they do something a little different.”