BMW Spot Shows Smashing Ideas

DALLAS GSD&M breaks the latest TV spot today in its “Ideas are everything” campaign for BMW.

Entitled “Wrecking Ball,” the 30-second commercial opens with an Ansel Adams photo being tossed in the street as the male voiceover asks, “What if great ideas weren’t cherished?” The next shot shows a Jackson Pollock painting left in the rain beside a ramshackle house as the voiceover continues, “What if they carried no importance?” The next shot shows architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous Waterfall House as a wrecking ball swings toward its balcony.

The scene shifts to BMW’s new, high-tech assembly plant in Leipzig, Germany, where the assembly line operates quietly over the heads of engineers and white-collar workers sitting at their desks. The voiceover says: “There is a place where artistic vision is protected, where inspired ideas live on to become ultimate driving machines.”

The spot closes with a photo of a BMW at the entrance to the plant, then dissolves into a spinning car wheel with the BMW logo in the center.

GSD&M, an Omnicom agency that won the $180 million account last November, has featured the Leipzig plant as a showcase for BMW’s innovative skill. The plant, which cost 1.3 billion euros to build, opened in 2005. BMW executives said the plant would help the luxury automaker reach its goal of 1.4 million units by 2008, an increase of 200,000 from 2004.

The spot breaking is the fourth in a series following “Benedict Arnold,” “Euphemisms” and “Enemy of Ideas” that launched last week. The TV spots coincide with an aggressive print campaign and online effort from MDC’s Dotglu agency in New York. BMW has also used its “Ideas are everything” tagline in sponsorship announcements on National Public Radio.

In addition to the creative work, GSD&M also handles media and shares in the dealer campaign.

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